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Full Version: Replicating my S14
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I'm looking to build an RC scale of my actual car.
Parts ordered:
S14 D Like body
Advan V2's
Intercooler / exhaust kit
light kit

Parts I need:
8 piston brakes
Kouki wing? (If anyone knows where I can get one or have one custom made?)
NISMO S14 body kit
S15 SR20DET engine bay (Preferably top mount manifold)

Body and wheels should be here next week :D

here's some pics to reference from
[Image: TrackDay.png]
[Image: Drift3.png]
[Image: S14-domo.jpg]
[Image: S14-10.jpg]
[Image: S14-7.jpg]
[Image: S14-4.jpg]
[Image: S14-6.jpg]
[Image: DSC_029620-14-59.jpg]
[Image: DSC_1106.jpg]
Wing: Tamiya R32 wing should look good with a few mods.

As for the rest.. You will have to scratchbuild those as they are not produced by anyone.
The 8 piston brakes would just be regular brake kit you can buy for your car. Eagle Racing brake kit maybe? You'd have to make some custom decals for it for the 8 piston part.

The kouki wing, I believe D-Like makes one? Don't take my word for that. Their kouki version of the S14 has a kouki wing though. Otherwise you can try one of these out if you don't want to use the R32 one, looks like a 180sx wing, or a 326 power wing. http://www.rc-race-and-drift-japan.com/i...ts_id=3365

They don't make that body kit. The Navan kit actually looks a bit similar to it though, so you can probably work with that. The D-Like S14 already has the navan look on it.

Engine bay, you can buy one of these and scratch build a sr20det valve cover, intake manifold, and exhaust/turbo manifold from styrene. http://driftmission.com/demi-works-rc-body-engine-bays/ Either that, or scratch build the whole bay, you'd be hard pressed to find a 1:10 scale hard body s15 that comes with detailed engine bay I think.

Readem N Weap!

[Image: 580899_2697939066197_1788249505_1638391_921654136_n.jpg]
These will get you close and at least the right color on the brakes: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cmartlink-RC-1-1...53efe30b68

I have the red ones on my EVO X and they look fantastic, really well made.
hmm...nice ride you have
Wow thanks for all the info guys! Everything looks great and pretty much spot on :D  

I'll post some build pics when I get all the parts :p

(11-08-2012, 07:22 PM)sliding_josh Wrote: [ -> ]BAM!

Readem N Weap!

[Image: 580899_2697939066197_1788249505_1638391_921654136_n.jpg]

That SR20 engine bay is sick!
This thing looks so hot in person. Both cars that is!