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Full Version: V-Tulka drift track (Moscow)
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Hi everyone!

RC-drift movement has been picking up in Moscow, Russia over the past few years, but every year come winter time,
it has been very difficult to organise a track somewhere. This year we have finally decided to make a members club, where people would buy their monthly passes and with that money we would rent a place and build the track.
We found a mid size room at a Soviet era movie theatre and began the build immediately.

Here is the progress so far.

[Image: IMAG0177_zps86423535.jpg]
[Image: IMAG0171_zps4c9639c5.jpg][Image: IMAG0163_zps961a25dd.jpg]
Looks great! Looks fun! Be careful though, static electricity can sometimes mess stuff up, but there's a spray for that.
Cool. Makes me want to redo my backyard track lol.
Nice! how much are membership dues, and how many people do you have?

Would love to move towards something like this in my area.. but not enough people.
I second that (from RCRK)! I'd love to see a nice track up in the Seattle area! Looks like a really fun track.
Almost done!

Still lots of decorating to do.....

[Image: IMG_3594_zps96fcf5a9.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3595_zpscd2bd2fa.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3599_zps0448c184.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3601_zps8a86bcac.jpg]

That track looks awesome. Looks like a challenging track to tandem with someone on
Can you share the address so I can add it to the global registry? Looks like a fun layout.

What materials did you use for the track