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Full Version: Rimz: Offset Sizes
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Hey DriftMission fam, I am interested in getting some feedback on what size offset of rims to fit 200mm bodies. I want that tucked/flushed look, but I am not planning on putting unrealistic camber to force it under the body.
What are you guys runnin under your 200mm drift rc bodies??
What bodies and chassis are you running?, track width varies on chassis and even some offsets on wheels are off.
I got an MS-01D with a stock Tamiya Skyline r34 (which is 190-195mm i think) and a TT-01 with an S15 that is 200mm (I have 9mm offsets for the S15, but they feel like they are still too small). I interchange the bodies since I drift for fun on asphalt, since there's no indoor track near me. Reason why I am askin is so I can get the rims I want online while they're in stock, since the 200mm ABC Hobby bodies I'm waiting on are always out of stock... just wanted to get a consensus of what you guys are using, that's all.
on a tt01 around 11mm is a nice stance and your ms-01d should be fine with 9mm for a 200mm wide body. If your rim still needs more offset, you can always buy spacers or wider hex adaptors.