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Full Version: Anyone still use hpi t-drifts?
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My local drift tracks are both carpet tracks. Just wanted to hear opinions on t-drifts performance on carpet? I'm talking about the smooth ones, not the ones with tread.
Personally I would ditch the t drifts for carpet and go for MST hard three, I only use t drifts on tarmac now.
t-drifts are going to be crazy fast on carpet... Japanese tracks in Tokyo run Kazama carpet tires - I've got the part number at home.
most carpet tracks run super hard tires, soft tdrifts will be hellishly fast

hard tires raikous, mst hards and harders, active onis, kazama, rcart derives
So run something with a harder compound?
Yes as carpet is a higher traction surface than asphalt or polished concrete
Okay cool. Thanks for the info guys.
We use Yokomo R4's which work pretty well on the european carpet. In the EU all carpets must have flame retardent in it, which means it has a lot more traction than the carpet used in Japan. A lot of the Japanese carpet tires don't work for us, because they run very hot and grip up. The R4's don't suffer from this problem, RC926, Streetjam Superhard and a few others also work well. Speedline Original GC0, Kazama RS02 etc. don't work.
Nice. I'm glad to hear that. I just ordered a set if those r4's.
I was curious too. I tried some Ts on a local carpet track and one started to melt. I figured ther were differentcompounds that were better suited for carpet drift. We stll like t drifts for concrete.

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