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Full Version: Body for hpi e10
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I am getting a second hand hpi e10 setup soon and was wondering what bodies would fit. I was looking at these but the tamiya s13 says the wheelbase is 239mm which is shorter than the wheelbase of the e10 chassis.



The Tamiya S13 is for M-chassis, which sits somewhere inbetween 1:12 and 1:10. Doesn't fit the E10.

Pandora, Yokomo and all Tamiya bodyshells for TT01, TA05, TA06 etc. fit aswell. With ABC-Hobby you need to see if its 01 Superbody or 01 Superbody Mini. The Mini's are for M-chassis, the normal for touringcars like your E10. And there are many many other bodyshells that fit =)