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Full Version: RCW (Sydney Australia)
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first permanent track in Sydney!
RC Wonderland
[Image: rcw1_zps8be35b27.jpg]
[Image: rcw3_zpsf04a6ed5.jpg]
my jzx
[Image: jzxweld1_zpsae3240b7.jpg]
[Image: jzxweld5_zps87956ae2.jpg]
[Image: jzxweld3_zps83506e8d.jpg]
OOSpeed x 110 Tandem rep
[Image: rcw4_zps43d4b0b5.jpg]
great place to slide!
I think Sydney has enough peeps that can support the venue for long time.

Looks like a decent size. Where abouts in Sydney boys?
Very nice!!

Looks like that's the place?
Hi. Just curious, what's the track surface, urethane coated concrete?
looks boss!
Would love to come down and play. . What days you guys open and what are the opening hours? Fee?

Thanks in advance
Awesome looking track!
I was told by one of the shops you guys had closed down?
If not where are you? I couldn't find your address.
The place looks great!
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