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Full Version: Need help finding a part.
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So right now I'm using a old school yokomo drift package. I seen that there's a conversion to increase the steering angle. So it makes it turn more like the DIB. Just wanted to ask if anyone knew where I can get that conversion kit? I know banzai has them but I've read a lot that people say they list something in stock then when comes to ordering it, it'll be out of stock. So anyone know where for sure they have them? Any help is greatly appreciated.
try race-and-drift-japan.com
Thanks. They do have it but it's called the high angle steering set. Does anyone know if that's all I need? Because the one from banzai comes as a full kit. It has other parts than just the steering parts, such as the parts that connect to the wheels. (Excuse my ignorance of not knowing the name of the part. Still a noob.) but if those parts aren't necessary than I'll just order the one from race and drift japan.
Yeah man race and drift is awsome.rcart is superfast tho and if it says its in stock it.rcroller is good too.
Race & Drift is usually somewhat more expensive than other places, it's typically a last resort place to shop for me... I'd say go with RC-Art. I'm gonna assume this is the set you were looking at:


Manufacturer should have stock.

Also, Race & Drift has the same item in stock.

Hey, thanks for the link bro.
NP... edited my first post, includes a link to the same product from Race & Drift for you to compare price.