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Full Version: Yokomo aluminum blue different
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hey guys , about a year ago I bought a Yokomo plus type C from R&D Japan and noticed that the blue on the aluminum center shaft was much lighter than the shock end caps & adjusters . the center shaft was a tamiya blue , end caps dark yok. blue . I thought I just got a faded drive shaft . Kind of upsetting , but oh well . since then I have bought Yokomo aluminum front brace set , team suzuki real caliber sets (F&B) , team suzuki aluminum steering knuckles for real calibers , and Yokomo aluminum spur gear adaptor . all of wich are different shades of blue . also kind of upsetting . now I have my KN kikaku RC926 cf chassis conversion (dark) & eagle stealth mounts (light) , the different shades of blue are taking on a theme . Has anyone else noticed the inconsistencies in Yokomo blue ? I hope my Yokomo aluminum rear brace set & Yokomo special motor mount I have enroute from Banzai are different shades so the themekeeps up . lol .
yes. the old school kit parts are dark blue (type c,b etc). but most yok upgrades for it are a lighter blue, but the aftermarket companies try to use the blue of the kit but never match completely. the newer kits (DIB,DRB) are lighter blue, same as the upgrade parts. almost a tamiya blue but not quite. ive always wanted to do a chassis with mixed light and dark blue but the lights and darks never match each other so its almost hopeless. eagles "dark blue" parts are almost purple so stay away from those. kazama dark blue parts are so dark they look black in bad lighting. my drb and dib are pretty consistant except the bumper brace thats really dark. i shoulda got an aftermarket brand for those.
nice to know about kazama & eagle , I purposely bought light blue active 3mm washers to keep consistent with nothing being quite the same shade . the EZ RUN esc/motor combo I got came in different shades too , esc real light blue , motor dark . It's funny , even team suzuki parts aren't the same , calibers are dark , but steering knuckles are some where in the middle . I also have OD parts enroute too , steering set , batt. brace , batt. holder , bumper brace . I'm sure they will be different from everything else too .
What? O_o;;

I have a Yokomo Type-C.

Overdose is a perfect match to Yokomo Blue.
TN-Racing/H2 Riku is a perfect match to Yokomo Blue.
RC926 is a perfect match to Yokomo Blue.
Wrap-Up Next Blue is a perfect match to Yokomo Blue.
Yokomo Parts are a perfect match to Yokomo Blue. I've never had an issue with the Yokomo parts I have purchased being a different shade. (aside from the stock drive shaft as you mentioned)

Active Hobby is darker than Yokomo Blue.
Team Suzuki is lighter than Yokomo Blue.

I have experience/own parts from all these makers.
really ? none of mine matches . my yokomo front chassis brace set doesn't match the blue that came with my rc926 carbon fiber conversion at all , it's like night & day . really noticeable since the brace connects right to a post supplied with the rc926 set . the yokomo brace looks like a tamiya blue compared to the 926 parts . the blue on the shocks is about 2 shades darker that the rc926 parts . the team suzuki calibers & team suzuki aluminum steering knuckles FOR calibers don't match at all either . they touch , you can't miss the difference . the calibers almost match the shocks the steering knuckles (all 4) are some where in the middle of all of it . I don't know , maybe it was just my bad luck and I got scrEWgged . Like I mentioned though it is taking on a theme . gonna have to name it multi-blue or frankenblue or something .
Hmmm, well to be fair when I looked at pictures of the Type-C plus (which has the upgrades you mention) after posting my first comment, you're right, those Yokomo items are a lighter shade of blue... weird.

I only have a few items I bought from Yokomo on my car (Dampers, Spur Gear Adapter, carbon center shaft(ends are blue) ect) and they all matched my RC926 chassis set, as well as all my Overdose upgrades perfectly. Only the Active Hobby rear suspension didn't match, which is a bit darker...
yea GenkiRF your overdose type c is stunning , it and Re xtreme's overdose spec chassis are KILLERS . the chassis's that inspired me to start building mine up . though mine will never be as nice . It's been a costly adventure getting to where I am , and mine doesn't even belong in the same universe as yours & Re 's .
On my red DRB there's at least 5 shades of red. I don't really care, you don't notice untill you look really closely.