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Full Version: Hi Everyone, I am Terence From Singapore RC Board, Singapore
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Hi everyone out there,

I am Terence Tan From Singapore, the founder of Singapore Rc Board.
Basically we share and help one another on the fun part of the rc drifting committee here.
We do organise Drift meeting every now and then and also help out on the newer drifters.

As for the intro part, well, I am 34 this year and had been in the rc for around 10 years, touring, buggy and drifting.

I do have a Face Book Group which open for all discussion and also video and picture posting for all to share around.
The link is www.facebook.com/groups/Singaporercboard/
Welcome to the boards!
Welcome and like your page on Facebook. Please make sure to check out our page WWW.Facebook.com/pages/Toxic-Drift-NJ/205791022789129 and feel free to post and share anything on our page as well.
welcome welcome
Thanks for the Welcome...
Terence, you not joining YIDM Surabaya?
(11-08-2012, 09:18 PM)mohdjiman Wrote: [ -> ]Terence, you not joining YIDM Surabaya?
 Mohdjiman, you are?

Well I am not taking part for the coming YIDM Surabaya.
There are other committment back home. haha....
Plus Singapore going for the YIDM is mostly selected depending on which chassis....
I am a Tamiya Kit fellow so I will be a pass for this round.
not going too...still newbie...not going to 'jump' into International competition...haha
me too a newbie in fact after so long of play..
Welcome !!
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