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Full Version: SuperStreetSupra Mark III
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This is the latest addition to my garage. - I also wanted a body with "sleepyeyes". And since I didn ´t want to build just another 180sx I chose the Supra A70 body from ABC hobby.

The color is Tamiya translucent orange backed with gunmetal. - Which results in a brown/bronce color in diffuse lighting and a golden/orange shine in sunlight. - The rims are painted with Tamiya Camel Yellow for some color contrast.

Self made diffuser, exhaust, tow hook and roll cage (that is invisible behind the tinted windows ^^) - The front lip is taken from the HPI Soarer.

[Image: dsc07260copyzvutb.jpg]

[Image: dsc07254copynz7o9.jpg]

[Image: dsc07285copydj7tk.jpg]

[Image: dsc07279copyteuyp.jpg]

[Image: dsc07261copydkug4.jpg]

[Image: dsc07276copybeu65.jpg]

[Image: dsc07294copyia7hi.jpg]

[Image: dsc07282copyexuyq.jpg]
very nice color I like
  rear diffuser him well
with aluminum-colored or chrome rim it will be even more beautiful  ;)
Looks great!!
Looks great
Love the old supras. This looks very nice.

i'd love to see the 2.5 GT twin turbo stickers on the side. gotta love the late 80s
looks insane Davis... Great work!
Yea man I dig it. Love the paint
very nice body and picture
Amazing work.