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Full Version: R.I.P. Paul Walker..... smh =(
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(12-01-2013, 11:29 PM)AmirF35 Wrote: [ -> ]. R.I.P Paul Walker and his driver friend which no one really cares about because he's not famous.

Roger Rodas was a pro driver. many of us had a chance to meet him in MD and NJ car scene. http://www.eonline.com/news/486271/paul-...oger-rodas

btw. Always Evolvinge (AE performance) is a very well known cali shop if you ask around he was famous around track and street culture.
What a loss... found out via txt message and immediately shut down... I just watched F&F for the first time (besides cable tv) in a loong time.

That guy really was sandwich crazy. RIP, and may your overnight parts always arrive a day early. Especially the Moteki System, exhaust.
Still can't believe this......
I wonder how well paul bros are doing on movie set. Gotta be great. Too bad bruce lee didnt have a brother to finish his movie, other guy just didnt cut it.

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not sure how good of actors his brothers are, but I hope this movie can still live up to what it could have been/should be if Paul were still alive. This is one of the most anticipated F&F installations for me since the original.
Not to fond of tokyo drift. But dont get me wrong, i love all the f&f movies...

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Did any of you guys hear about them auctioning off his and Roda private car collection saw something about a video thst was just released the other day on fb but not sure how much merit it holds

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Not like they need to be cremated in a whole fleet... their wives & kids gotta eat!
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