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Full Version: R.I.P. Paul Walker..... smh =(
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sad day for F&F fans.
seems like a joyride in a new car was the intent. RIP Paul and driver.

Here's another link

R.I.P. Race in Paradise Paul!!!!!
R.I.P. :-(
It was great that he went out in a Carrera GT in a joyride for a charitable cause. At the same time, this is why you don't go "stuntin'" on public roads.
RIP Paul :(
This bummed me out last night.
He was in the car with the CEO of Always Evolving, the company that keeps his personal vehicle and tuned them.
All my prayers goes to his family and friends, especially is young daughter who recently moved with him in LA.
He was a good father and a huge inspiration for a lot of us and will be missed.
RIP buster
Rip yee
My homies went out there today by magic mtn, the same time Tyrese swung by to see the crash site.... definitely hits home, if your fellow co-star comes thru like fam to see it in person. RIP Paul Walker...
. R.I.P Paul Walker and his driver friend which no one really cares about because he's not famous.
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