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Full Version: Hello From Virginia as well
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Hello to all. I am not new to RC, been tinkering for about 4 years now and the past 2 years have been with drift cars.

I have been reading reviews and things from this forum for quite some time and recently decided it was time to join.

I have two HPI Sprint 2 Drift cars, one with front oneway, locked rear diff, exotek chassis, blue GPM aluminum parts, and 50% CS. The second has a front oneway, locked rear diff, and 100% CS.

I also Have two HPI E10 Chassis. One completely stock and the second with a locked rear spool and front oneway.

My reason for joining this forum is that I am in an unfortunate geographic location for RC Drift, or on road ANYTHING RC, as are a lot of other people. I can't find a dedicated RC Drift Track within 5 to 17 hours from here and I see that as a huge problem. With a possible solution of course.

I have been toying with the idea of creating a "Nice" RC drift track in my area, but I have lots of questions before I sink my entire savings into a venture this unpredictable. So as this is an introduction thread, I will leave the more complicated questions for the appropriate sections of the forum.

And this concludes my introduction. ;)
Welcome to DM! And good luck with the track project!
Welcome to dm

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Thanks! I'm currently looking at commercial warehouse space. May end up buying my own plot and erecting a steel building to suit my needs. All options are open at the moment.
Where in Virginia are you located? I'm in the Richmond area. Would love to see this happen and if you need any help with it let me know!
(12-07-2013, 11:44 AM)LIVELAUGHDRIFT Wrote: [ -> ]Where in Virginia are you located? I'm in the Richmond area. Would love to see this happen and if you need any help with it let me know!

Front Royal, Virginia. I'm about 3 hours from Richmond. The only thing RC related up here is short course, buggy and a few monster truck events. All scattered throughout Winchester and the Shenandoah Valley all the way down to Harrisonburg. Off Road is what everyone up here is in to. Even the on road tracks that used to be in Frederick Maryland have switched over to indoor prepared clay. There is an indoor prepared clay track in Winchester, however, that guy caters to his race crowd only and is rarely open to accommodate anything but his racers. (which is a group of about 40 guys) And they are not very friendly to new comers.

I didn't know anything about RC drift and stumbled upon a few youtube videos one day when I was bored at work. I bought one and have been hooked ever since. Seemed to fit what my goals were in RC better than the rest of what i had experienced in my area.

I need to look in to costs overall, city and county ordinances, business licensing and any unexpected hurdles that may arise from an unconventional business proposal to get something like this off the ground. So it may be some time before I fully get things on the way. I am also going to have to sit down and look at projected costs to operate and how to make something like this self sufficient. There is scant if any interest that I have run into in this area as far as the drift scene. So, I will have to draw people in from elsewhere while building awareness of the hobby locally. My biggest concern is that this is a very poor area, and I am not sure as of yet if I will even be able to keep the door open if I were to attempt this.
Glad to see someone giving back to the RC community, Welcome to dm and good luck sir.
(12-14-2013, 11:56 AM)Piper Wrote: [ -> ]Glad to see someone giving back to the RC community, Welcome to dm and good luck sir.

Thank you!
I too with my son are looking for a good place to drift. We raced in Frederick, MD. Hobby town was were the track was at. The track was blacktop then changed to carpet and back to blacktop just weeks before it closed this year 2013. It was never a dirt track.
I think that the track you are talking about is a track in gathersburg, MD. It was a carpet onroad track changed to a blacktop onroad track and is now one of the best off road clay tracks around.
Sorry not trying too sound mean it was a sad day to see the track close. Made a lot of friends there and my son and I was able to get closer and have something to share.
We have gotten deep into drifting and are loving it.
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