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Full Version: Newbie here.
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Yeah but I like that it's pre painted. lol
Welcome, i was looking around for a used ms-01d as well. couldn't find one so caved and picked up the roller and going to slap my own electronics in it.
Which roller did you get?
MS-01D S, it was $210 on ebay. i guess the RTR is a good deal since you're up and rolling right away. but i knew i would eventually swap all of that stuff out so i just grabbed the roller instead.
Oh okay, I'm just gonna get the rtr and the first thing I'll probably replace is the servo. I have so many scale trucks and projects going with them that I don't have the cash to upgrade a drift car atm just want one to start with and upgrade when i can.
Okay placed my order with Tsuiso hobby for the MS-01D R35 RTR and then I placed an order with Rcrollers since Tsuiso didn't have the parts I wanted.

Here is what I got from Rcrollers.
MST 210128 MS/FS carbon rear damper stay set 2.5
MST 210127 MS carbon front damper stay set 2.5
MST 210166R Steel turnbuckle 3X20 (red) (2)
MST 810008R Alum. reinforced turnbuckle 3X25 (red) (2)
MST 810009R Alum. reinforced turnbuckle 3X28 (red) (2)
MST Alum bumper support (red) 210142R
MST Alum. turnbuckle wrench 4mm 210272
MST Steel turnbuckle 3X25 (red) (2) 210168R

I'm pretty excited for all this to come. For anyone that has the MS-01D did I get the right size turn buckles?
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