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Full Version: Newbie here.
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Hey guys I'm new here. I'm pretty active on forums like RcCrawler but I plan on getting a drifter here soon. Looking at the MST RTR kit. I had an E10 in 2007 but I have no idea where it went. I was very young at the time so had no idea what I was doing. Anyways just thought I'd say hi. Gonna be looking through the forum to learn up on this drifting stuff!
Also I'm in Minnesota if anyone knows of some clubs or something!
Welcome to DM!
Thanks, anyone know of a good place to find used MST cars?
Welcome to DM!!
Welcome! I hope you can find a used one, I wasn't able to so I caved and got the MS-01D RTR
Welcome to DM

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Welcome to DM, I believe that is hard to find a used MST on sale but sometimes you can find it, just search on the forums in the for sale section, and on ebay. Good luck finding what you want.
Welcome to dm, I've never personally seen a used mst for sale lol guess it says a lot about the chassis
Thanks guys.

Yeah I guess it does say alot. I think I'm gonna go with the MS-01D RTR as a starter. Hopefully can get one after Christmas next week. Also why is RcMart the only one with the RTR and a R35 body?
You can easily buy an r35 on ebay (being the cheapest and a tamiya body)

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