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Full Version: Just bought my first car!
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Hello everyone, my names Justin and Im currently stationed here in Germany. Originally from Wisconsin and just picked my first RC drift car.

With the help of two friends we decided on a TA-05 v3 chassis, with a HobbyWing EZRUN Brushless w/ 35A ESC & 9T@4300KV 3650M Brushless Motor, and SAVOX Super Speed Titanium Gear Digital Servo. I was going to go with a more powerful motor to start off with, but decided to stick with a light less powered one to start out with.

My buddy picked up a BRZ and Rocket Bunny kit for my first chassis. Planning on painting it a White Pearl :D

Im pretty excited to finally get into RC drift, as I have wanted to for a while. Only shity part is this is my 3rd expensive hobby, along side of Photography and working on my 04 WRX Wagon.
there's a ver3 ta05?

RC ain't cheap but its still cheaper than other worse habits... like wine, women & smokes ;)
Welcome Justin.

I think he meant Eagle Racing TA05 GRT V3.

Also, at least your starting off with a Brushless setup. I used to start off with a 27T silver can brushed =). IMO, 9t motor is plenty of power. You'll want to turn your throttle rate down to play with the power band.

Enjoy the chassis, I own one and it's easy to drive once you get the tuning down.
As far as I'm concerned thats a pretty high power motor for drifting.
welcome! as others have mentioned 9t might be a bit much, any particular reason you went with that motor?
Welcome to DM

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Welcome to DM, I don't think a faster motor will be necessary. I personally prefer Sensored BL as it is a lot smoother.
I run a 13.5t to a 8.5t all work just fine.
What part of Wisco are you from. I just moved from Wisco myself.

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Thanks for the welcome.

I went with the 9T upon guidance from friends. Just waiting on everything to show up. Getting pretty excited to start building it as well as drifting it around.
ughhh I hate waiting for stuff... Just want my stuff to get here so I can start building it and drifting!!
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