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Full Version: Another new person
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Hello forum, I am getting back in to rc cars because someone gave me one for Christmas, and I figured this forum would be a fun place to look at other peoples builds and possibly post pictures of what I have learned since getting back in to rc cars :].

A brief history of me and rc cars...

First good RC was a traxxas rustler I used to jump over stuff as a kid
second was a tamiya tt01 kit that took all that trucks electronics some years after having worn out the jump fun
started to drift it till I moved on to a team associated hand me down from my bro, don't remember the chassis lol
started to drift that when hpi first started making the 1/10 size 86 body around 05 or 06, finished one good looking drift build (body and wheels), but never got good and sold it for real car parts.....

My most recent rc adventure started with the idea of making a mini version of my Nissan project, though since my car is stock my rc will not really be a good mini version till I change some stuff around lol

Anyway my new chassis is an hpi sprint 2, I got it with the porsche body because it looks nice, but that also has had me spending more on bodies than upgrades. So till I buy a new charger I don't play with it much, 6 hours to charge has my more occupied working on other stuff till its to late to drive lol

I doubt anyone cares about stock chassis and body pics, so when I finish my first body project in a day or two I will post pics of it then. Also have random chassis upgrades coming in the mail, but slow mail means these won't be seen for a while P:

I have started work on two hpi bodies, an ae86 that will be my main body, and the RB s13, which has stalled for a while so I can figure out how I want to continue on it. Plus I am not sure if my paint is going to work on it... I was told it will, but I am nervous because it says for plastics, but not for polycarbonates >>..... I may paint it on the outside of the shell if I don't trust the paint enough.

Thanks for spending time and reading my jibber jabber :D, hope to chit chat with everyone more in the future

OH I saw that on this page two other people posted from Vegas! I am in Vegas for the most part and find my self more and more in San Jose. I can not wait to bring my car to Sheldons Hobby in San Jose to drive their track, but till then I am hoping to find something nice in town thats different from the Boulder Highway track, which I don't even know if it is still there lol. I would like carpet practice a bit instead of just asphalt
welcome! I too have a Sprint 2 I use for drifting. ditch that factory 7 cell and wall charger and get a good 6 cell nimh and faster charger or if you feel like it, LiPo battery. Ive found that a good 6 cell 4000-4800 nimh is great for drifting and if you get a charger that charges at 4 amps it'll charge in about 90 mins and last you a good hour for run time.
Welcome to DM! A good charger it's a must have, just think that its a piece that will work for all your cars, trucks or whatever you gonna radio control
Welcome to DM. For paint I would recommend any Tamiya PS paint. Anything that isn't for Poly-carbonate has the chance of flaking off.
Welcome to dm

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Welcome! i recommend the Thunder AC6, very good bang for your buck charger!

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@ wareagle hmlr, and gho5t: I am absolutely going to take your guys advice and get a good charger next, and I will probably be sticking with nimh over lipo, mostly because I am lazy and don't want to chop up my wires yet lol. I am going to google the Thunder AC6, and I am definitely going to look into a good 6 cell if I can get an hour run time! That sounds fantastic seeing I am used to 15-20 minute run times from years ago...

@fr8cture: I have been figuring the paint I have would not work for the rc body, a lot of the reason I have not moved forward on my nissan :/, its the Tamiya TS paint, but I guess I can start looking for a PS thats close to this color. I still have a couple model cars I can use it on lol.
welcome to DM. tamiya paint is best i find. even pactra tends to be hit or miss
The 3 things I have against the stock 7 cell battery/wall charger are as follows:

1. Takes forever to charge. I'm not waiting 6hrs to drive my car for maybe 35 mins.
2. Hits/rubs on 190mm bodies. Not only does it make them bulge and look funny, but it rubbed off the paint on my stock yellow Camaro body from normal driving.
3. It caused the stock Flux ESC/Motor to overheat after "prolonged use", which was actually ~25 mins. I was told it was because of the 8.4V and I believe it because ever since running a normal 6 cell 7.2V I haven't had an issue, even after running 40+ mins straight.
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