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Full Version: Hello all from Hammond Louisiana
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Somewhat new to hobby figured this forum and the ppl here are great and if I can contribute I will.I would like to thank the admins initially and the project guys.
Thanks for joining Dm Jumpsuit :)
Thanks piper
Welcome to DM

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Thanks Robb
Welcome. I'm pretty new myself

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Welcome to DM
Thanks guys I'm still learning the site as I go I'll get a photobucket on lunch and post some pics of my chassis later there's no bling yet but
I'll add some soon anyone know who has best bodies?
HPI, Tamiya and Yokomo are my top 3 for bodies. Tamiya's and Yokomo's are generally more expensive, but come with more detailed light buckets and usually more accessories like mirrors and exhaust etc.
ABC Hobby, D-Like and Pandora are also popular in the drift scene.
Thanks wareagle I am looking for a few body's like an FC,R33,86,sileighty and an older model supra know where I can find these?
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