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Full Version: New here. From Melbourne, Australia!!
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Hi. New to here and RC drift. Have a drift background. Thought getting into rc drift would be an easy way to keep my drivers license.

I've got a sakura d3 but I'm getting over changing worn belts after couple of runs. Looking at going to a shaft setup. Looking at going to a tt01 with the eagle racing drift chassis and yeah racing hop ups.

Only one question I have is why 4wd the preferred drive method when teal cars are rwd??
WIth drift cars to get them to drift you have to use hard plastic wheels or PVC so 4wd makes it more manageable.
Welcome to DM!

Not everyone wants to be super realistic. Most people just wanna have fun with it
Welcome to dm

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4wd chassis are way more forgiving, you can pull yourself through a drift so to speak. RWD is very difficult but can be done, just not recommended to beginners. If you are snapping belts within a couple runs then you are not using the proper belt tension. its tricky to find the right tension but it can't be to tight or to loose, I forget the order but one will snap the belt the other will wear the pulleys really fast.