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Full Version: novice with TA-05 IFS
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hi this is bee from California.

heard of this place so I thought it may prove helpful for me since im a novice and not too informed about rc drifting and tuning.

I had an Tamiya TL-01 before that was given to me (in parts) and I built it up to working order and that was fun but unfortunately I had to sell it. The TL01 is fairly simple in design so that was helpful for a newb like me so after a few months without the rc I wanted another one :P and maybe try something abit more complex and got myself a Tamiya TA-05 IFS and WOW it looked so complex it looked like it came from the future :P I thought I was in over my head, luckily I got some help with the assembly.

tomorrow I will buy the esc, transmitter & receiver , battery and charger from my local hobbytown (I know its cheaper online but I like the instant gratification and I gotta support the locals + the have a giant outdoor track to drift on ) and will be able to turn it on for the 1st time. ill post pics soon, plus I will make a camera mount for my rc, I own a GoPro Hero 3 and want some cool vids :)

my tl 01 with a HPI Chaser body, Galactic Purple Paint (I think I didn't put enough coats of purple as purple could only be seen when not under an intense light), and some speedway pals rims
[Image: IMAG0172_zps59825cef.jpg]

my new ta 05 ifs, with the Advan Eclipse Lexus SC430 body with Atomic Rust Red paint, with some Speedway pals and HPI wheels
[Image: IMAG0395_zps1cac3618.jpg]

and here's me in my car at the local auto x event, its a 86 (a duel cam gts with a jdm front end)
[Image: oldax.jpg]
Welcome to dm

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Welcome! What Hpi wheels are those sex!

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nice 86 and welcome to dm
Welcome! There's definitely tons of info to help ya out around here.
can't wait to see some vids...

Djnaz - those are the HPI Work Meister ...probably 9mm offset.
yup they are the Work Meister S1 9mm offset.

well today I went to hobbytown to buy the rest of the electronics I needed, got a 5000mah lipo battery, charger, a heat sink + fan for the motor, a tazer 10t esc and then asked for the Turnigy/Flysky GTX3 transmitter/receiver but it was SOLD OUT :( and would have to wait another week or so for more to come in :( so so close to running :(
Welcome to DM