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Full Version: retry again
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well, i'm getting back to this drifting.
a while back, i started with the losi driftR.
'twas fun until other species of RC bug got me. almost a 'been there, than that' thing.
nothing serious, just pure fun.
looking at the mst chassis, maybe the RTR or the basic kit.
will be digging for more info.
good site!!!!!
Welcome to DM! I just ordered the RTR myself. It should be here within a few days. By Monday for sure.
Welcome to DM! you can't go wrong with these RTR from MST.
I've seen them fly off the shelves at my LHS.
Very easy to get into CS drifting with them.
Welcome! ! As others have said the mst ms01 rtr is an amazing place to start since its fully upgradable later on if the bug bites again

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welcome to dm, good choice on the mst

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thanks for the welcome guys.
Welcome man great choice with mst
Welcome to the site. I myself just joined the site too. I have been drifting for a bit. Started with a 50/50 moved to D3 cs chassis. Then want to start upgrading but, instead got the MS01D VIP ll and love it. I think you are going to love that car.