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Full Version: ABC Hobby: Nissan 180SX Type-X
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Thought I'd put up my Nissan 180SX work in progress

[Image: o8i8gz.jpg]
Unfortunately I wasn't aware that it didn't come with the light buckets so I'm currently sorting out aftermarket ones.
ABC Hobby now uses a 3 piece mould for more accurate polycarbonate bodies; very impressed so far.

[Image: rsfluo.jpg]
Post trimming. The ABC Hobby 180sx's don't come with the rear pods and valance and so I purchased a rear diffuser.
Here it is gauging fit and requirements to get it to work

[Image: 2hmq269.jpg]
Wheels are en route from Japan - eta is one week. Still need to sort out final ride height but that can wait.

[Image: 1487283_639018279469825_848901460_n.jpg]
Body posts drilled (no magnets for me; I'm old school) and body sanded/wheel arches dremelled.

[Image: 2zp4eut.jpg]
Body washed with dishwashing detergent because it rids the body of contaminants far better than regular soap.

[Image: 2a5jjis.jpg]
Tamiya R32 GT-R wing arrived interstate thanks to a mate of mine. Wing and mirrors test fitted. Ready for paint soon.

Will update when I can
Looking good so far. :)
Looks good man, decisions on color yet?
Im trying to find one. love it. cant wait to see the color scheme and body theme
[Image: 1457556_640378889333764_1922196748_n.jpg]

I went with a custom metallic green as I didn't want to follow the trend and have a white/blue Nissan. It's a mix of four Tamiya paint cans and the coats turned out even which I'm satisfied with, and the colour is just what I was after :) Probably not everyone's taste but that's fine
She should look good at the end :)
lookin good man!!!
Love this. Got a few abchobby bodies but there are still in the box lol

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Pretty sweet color

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Lookin good

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