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Full Version: ABC Hobby: Nissan 180SX Type-X
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Awesome color choice man really makes the body stand out. can't wait to see it finished up
Thanks guys :)

[Image: r8fh43.jpg]
Window masks peeled off and some decals applied. Also fitted some colour-coded Tamiya aero mirrors
and ABC Hobby wipers front and rear. For the the keen eyed I've also applied the RC-Art sunroof decal
and Wrap-Up sunroof visor (which still needs attending to). And yes, the body posts will
be trimmed lol

On order are D-Craft adjustable headlights, D-Craft clear side markers and Yokomo 180SX light buckets
which I'll modify to fit (I didn't get the original ABC Hobby light buckets as they weren't inclusive with the kit)
Wheels are still on it's way so I'm hoping they all arrive by Friday next week.

Still a fair few things to do before it's finished
Dope! Yah the lights are only included with the abc hobby usa version. The Japanese version has a light kit sold separately unfortunately :(

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[Image: 8whxsw.jpg]

Wheels came alot faster than expected. Speedway Pal FM wheels w/ 10mm offset from Banzai Hobby, c'mon lights!
wow i didnt think 10mm wheels fit the body
Well depends on what he has for track width and etc. I barely just clear my 10s on my 180

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I'm lucky as I run a Tamiya TL-01 which is slightly narrower than most EP cars of today. I'm also running 1.5mm spacers all 'round too lol
Nice body!

Is this the new ABC Kouki 180?
That fitment!
Looks great! Good work, love the paint! :-)

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