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Full Version: ABC Hobby: Nissan 180SX Type-X
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(01-06-2014, 11:22 PM)Piper Wrote: [ -> ]Love the green, if you masked your rear lights you should consider painting them instead. hate those stickers >< I'm gonna paint mine and post it up should look alright
Yep that's the plan. Thinking of painting the housing translucent red and the indicators in translucent orange - then fitting the light buckets behind them, should be enough to set it off I think

And another update

[Image: nzgikj.jpg]
I made a 'Nismo' half cage from the spare tubing. That decal is tacky I know but the lights have been sent.
Also properly affixed the diffuser with a tie rod so it's now adjustable if I want it in or out more/less.
Dat ass!
[Image: 1545137_643224519049201_20059105_n.jpg]
So it was bound to happen, I stuffed up lol. In my haste when removing the masking for the rear lights, the drivers' bottom most indicator mask had peeled off along with it. Unbeknownst at the time, I went ahead and painted it and only realised afterwards when I removed the protective tape on the outside. To add to it, the paint decided to react with the green slightly and only if you look closely around the edges can you see a red tinge to it. Oh well! I still need to fit the rear lightbuckets and make/fit the LED's

[Image: 1560406_643224595715860_1717868923_n.jpg]
Along with the items that came in were Drift Fighter Mars wheels in 12mm offset. They look similar enough to Nismo LMGT-4 wheels and so I applied some spare Nismo wheel decals I had from a previous body. Have removed the extra 1.5mm worth of spacers and they seem to fit quite well!

[Image: 1604506_643224622382524_111109598_n.jpg]
And full car photo with Yokomo D-Craft adjustable headlights. They headlight covers needed some trimming but both still need attention before final fitting (need to wire up some LED lights front/rear). If you look closely enough the side markers are actually D-Craft items and not a decal

All that's really left to do is the lighting kit and a few body lines. I don't intend to do another body until at least the end of year as it's mentally and financially exhausting - I just had an urge to do a Silvia body and do it right, well - the way I had envisioned it to be anyway! Final product will be listed in the R/C drift body page.
Now 180sx tail lights looks better!
Nice I like the fighter wheels a lot more man !

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[Image: 2lsk8ki.png]
Started in the clear; now we're here :P

I ended up wiring my own lights as 90% of the kits out there wasn't what I wanted. My rear LED's decided not to work due to improper resistors (I did fail physics for a reason) so I just made do with two flashing red LED's from another project, whatever lol.
Hop-pop lights?
Looks good man

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(01-11-2014, 03:28 PM)Rokasz Wrote: [ -> ]Hop-pop lights?
What do you mean? If you're asking if it's driven by a servo then no, it isn't.
Looks amazing. Love the 180SX body style and it looks great in green. I have been wanting to use that color on a body myself. Great Job!
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