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Full Version: ABC Hobby: Nissan 180SX Type-X
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That color is very nice. Would the d-craft lights not fit?

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Thanks, it's running Yokomo/D-Craft front headlights with modified Yokomo light buckets for the parker lights
Welcome, did you paint the exterior portion of the light buckets with the same paint you used for the body?

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No, the ABC Hobby body comes with seperate lens covers which I've modified to fit onto the Yokomo/D-Craft light buckets
Well that's a smart idea, I was wondering about that for a body I've been slowly trying to put together.

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Your exhaust makes me super excited to have added a diffuser to my chassis to hold one up lol. You car looks soooo perfect. I am jealous of everything it has going for it and want it as mine p:

I have been wanting an S13 hatch body for a long long time. Your build may have for sure made that my next body.
Thanks, feel free to copy some of the things if you like lol. I don't mind
(01-06-2014, 03:19 AM)dorifto Wrote: [ -> ]I'm lucky as I run a Tamiya TL-01....

dat you Trunga... Gotta be! Devil

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