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Full Version: RWD FR-D Conversion Vids
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Everyone if you have found a cool vid of the Wrap Up Next FR-D post it up and share!

Wrap Up NEXT FR-D RWD conversion running out front of CS cars with slightly grippy tires and gyro at Chance Circuit.

(11-13-2012, 01:21 AM)Dorvack Wrote: [ -> ]
(11-13-2012, 12:31 AM)JustSiDEwayZ Wrote: [ -> ]...and gyro

The way the steering is moving looks pretty weird, but I suppose if it works, it works.


I don't see the steering in a wierd way? To me it looks like they are always pointed in direction of travel. More so than any cs car I have seen. I did see where they understeered a bit to help the rotation a couple times. What was it that you seen Dorvack?

I have tried RWD with my vdf and all i can say is its very hard. I understand the use of a gyro. I don't think its cheating like using a gyro on a 5050 car. 5050 cars are so easy to drive there is no need for a gyro, but rwd on the other hand I think it just might make the chassis able to be driven properly.
FR-D @ Waru Circuit!

FR-D on Kazama asphalt course.

FR-D @ Speedway Pal

The release of the FR-D really make RWD appealing, but the price tag is just too much for this kid.  

Really enjoying watching it in action tho!
yah i agree. i decided to ditch my doripake lol