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Full Version: Newborn Noob
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Completely new to all this...have millions of questions, but I suppose plenty will be answered by trial and error and some heavy duty reading. Just wanted to say hi to everyone. And if anyone has any suggestions on a chassis for a drift car, or any suggestions. I'm all ears :)

Welcome! I see everyone suggesting I think it's the msd chassis. But I'll let the masters chime in.

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MST ms01d
Welcome to dm!, MST has nice chassis but it all depends really on your budget.
Tt02..... Just Because I wanna see someone build this new chassis design since no one has yet.....not here at least. Welcome to DM.
Welcome to DM! I am sure you will get all your questions answered, and also come up with more questions. :-D
I'm not on a tight budget, but seeing how this is the first time I have ever done something like this I'm looking for a good bang for you're buck kinda chassis. I found a local HPI Sprint 2 for $150 everything included. So I think I will be picking that up and messing with it until I get good, that I will start stepping out of the box :)

Pretty excited, should be picking it up today! I will post up pics when I get a chance!
Welcome to the forum

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Welcome to DM. I have been in this hobby for 27years. Best thing I can say is save you money and get the MST MS01D rtr or roller. The better the chassis you start with the better you will be able to set it up and the faster you will learn. Better chassis,better setup, better driving, better drifting.
Welcome to DM!
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