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Full Version: noob from scotland
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Hi guys,as said i'm a complete newbe to rc drift and for that matter anything rc thats half decent.i know nothing about set up(or whether I need to worry at this stage) or tecniques.been meening to do this for years but with family and building my house iv not managed TILL NOW!! thanks to my other half.to start with im running a stock HPI E10 and having great and frustrating fun so far,my main problem at this stage is surface or whats best to start on,iv got access to a polished concrete floor and also a large office space above my work that's very short pile carpet tile.any advice what surface I should stick to for learning control as going from 1 to other is causing me issues with throttle and steering input? thanks in advance and sorry for boring anyone!!!
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I'd go with smooth concrete, as it has the least friction.

Also, it will depend on your current tires. Are they the stock E10 fare?

There is a very good basic guide to tires here on on DM:

Welcome! I'm in a same boat as you.. it's a crazy big world out there.
Thanks guys
Yes car is as bought,think its t-drift tires as standard. thanks for link,always handy to get advice an know what the pro's are doing!! I'll stick to 1 surface and see where I get.first mod I think will be a change to brushless but going to keep with at present and try to master sum basics first, don't want to spend loads expecting an overnight miracle to find myself chucking the whole thing with frustration!!

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Welcome to dm, I recommend starting with slipperiest surface, the slower the better.
Welcome to DM

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Welcome. Scotland drifters is quite a small group but hoping it grows.

What you want to start doing is train yourself In various techniques as soon as you can. Get your throttle finger trained ASAP. Start by setting yourself challenges like setting up an L shaped track or a figure of 8 track and work you way around it. As you do it, start focusing on using less angle and less steering correction. You should be able to control most of it on throttle only.

When you feel confident, set up a spiral track and then the goal is to drift the entire spiral with one steering input only ;-)

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Thanks again for tips guys.let the fun begin!
From what your saying testing and from what I've read I take it the key is good throttle control and use that for main control!??

Sounds easy when you say it eh!![LOUDLY CRYING FACE]

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