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Full Version: Tire suggestions for running on tile?
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What is the best tires to use when running on tile? I tried the Hpi T-drifts but it feels like I am driving on ice. I would love to get some tires that would give me the grip that I need to have more control and speed.
Try some hard ruber tires instead of plastic
Ok thanks for the help. Any suggestions on a certain brand and type?
(01-24-2014, 05:39 PM)Drift108 Wrote: [ -> ]Ok thanks for the help. Any suggestions on a certain brand and type?

I have a set of Yokomo Drift Rings that are pretty "grippy". My old Tamiya Type-D's also seemed to do a lot better on polished surfaces than anywhere else (tbh they were horrible everywhere else).
Thanks I will definitely look into them. I am also looking at the Raikou DXPE Tires. I don't know what kind of surface it is exactly but the hpi t-drifts made it feel like I was on ice. Thanks for all the help

Will the Tamiya Type D tires fit on my TC4?
We run raikou dp series on polished concrete. R2 makes a few rubberized drift tires if u need more grip.
The dxpe raikous are a lil grippier than t drifts. These should work

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Thank you so much for the help everyone. I am going to order some of the Raikou DXPE tires. hopefully it will be what I need. I have heard a bunch of great things about them. Fingers crossed ;)
Thanks again everyone
Ordered my Raikou DXPE tires last night and got an email this morning saying that they are are going to include a complimentary set of HDPE D70's tires for me as well. They really sound like a great company to stick with. I can't wait until they come in so I can see how they run.
I know them personally. Kstm and kinto are great guys

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