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Full Version: DRB full belt drive help!
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Hey guys. I have some parts do do a full belt drive mod on my DRB, but I'm not sure how to calculate the gearing from my spur/pinion to pulleys.

Can anyone help me out?
DRB is

40/15 15/40 for 50:50

Rear FCD kits are
1.3 = 32T
1.5 = 27T
1.8 = 22T
2.0 = 20T

40/15 15/20 is CS 2.0

I run 40/12 18/27 with the rear 1.5 set
it works out CS 2.2 but the wheel speed is much lower

My friend runs 41/12 15/20 for about CS 2.6

Getting the right belts is the key. 1 tooth on a belt is a 3mm difference.
theres about 5mm of adjustment in the DRB drivetrain.

I did a post here.