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Full Version: Hi from Ohio!
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I've been lurking around the site for a while and thought it's time for a proper introduction. After browsing the web for a bit, just checking out different options, I found the Addiction Rocket Bunny kit and ordered the ABC Hobby 180sx right away. I ordered the shell before I even bought a chassis haha I wanted a chassis that could take a beating and was somewhat inexpensive, so I ordered the HPI sprint 2. Anyways, my shell came in today and I'm still waiting on the RB kit. I'm very impressed with the quality and detail of the shell I just wish they would have tried to hide the mold lines a little better. I can't wait for it to get warm so I can have my first attempt at painting a shell and adding the body kit. I just hope my ADD doesn't get the best of me in the mean time haha. After just over a week of drifting/bashing my rc in my kitchen I find myself looking at more reliable chassis' and radios and all the fancy stuff. The box should have an addiction disclaimer lol. And sorry for the poor photos, I was just too damn excited to take some proper pictures!

Edit: my photo's are too big :(
welcome to DM, fellow Ohioan.
Welcome to DM

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Thanks, guys! What part of Ohio are you from wareagle?
Northwest. I live near Lima.
Balka where ya from I'm in the Dayton area

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I'm in central Ohio. Newark to be exact.
I know there is at least 1 other member from Ohio on here...might have to plan a get together once warmer weather hits?
I can show you how to crash an HPI Sprint 2 into things real good.
I'm in the national guard I used to drill at the armory in Newark

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Crashing is about the only thing I can do consistently haha
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