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HEY guys i am just getting back into the drift scene again after a year break with personal issues that needed sorting. Anyways was wondering how many people on this forum are from North Alabama,Southern Tennessee.I am from Huntsville(Harvest) Alabama.i hope there are a few people around this area that drift, i have been wanting to do a track bc there is not one rc drift track around here that i know about.there are a few off road courses i know about but im not really into the off road scene i love the realism of the drift and the awesome looks you can achieve from the bodies/setups.

ok i have a TA05 VDF, but am now about to purchase an MST MS-01D VIP in about three or four days.i was hoping that if anyone on here was even close to my area that we should def. get together and run tandem as i have never had anyone else to run with,yeah,i know sad story!lol however if you are even remotely close please PM me.

other than that hello to everyone else in the driftmission.com forum family, i hope that i can learn alot from you veterans and maybe even bring a few things to the table myself...i am glad to be apart of this forum and excited to be back n the hobby and CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE NEW CHASSIS, but i do really enjoy my VDF shes a beauty!!well thought i would introduce myself to the community.i look forward to hearing from you all,peace out.....and stay sideways B)
Welcome to DM!
Welcome to DM!
(01-30-2014, 10:40 AM)RCPHREEK Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome to DM!

hey,thanks guys glad to be apart of the driftmission.com Community now and glad to be back in the saddle lol,just bought the ms01D VIP yesterday should be here in about 10-16 business days as the Chinese new years is delaying shipping a bit...will post pics when it gets here,i hate that it comes ARTR i like to build them but itll save time i guess and i can always tear it down n rebuild later if need be....will be running a NOVAK SLYDR 6.5T w/ LRP ULTIMO DRIFT ESC,and a FUTABA 9551 servo....was happy with it in the VDF hope it does as well in the MS01D VIP!!!
Welcome to DM! That setup sounds like you're ready to go competing almost right out of the box.

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Welcome to DM

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