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Full Version: CS virgin-lots to learn....
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Hello all =)
Im Alex and go by the tag Yoshimoto and i live near 'sunny' newcastle in England
I was directed here by another forum user and i havnt stopped reading since i first logged in =) plenty of info to be getting on with.
Ive been into RC since around 78-thats 1978 to the younger members here-and have spent most of my life building,racing,flying,working with models at every chance ive had.
Most of my Rc has centered around cars but over the last 5 years i have mostly been concentrating on helis/planes and UAV's.
Well during this winter ive picked up cars again and have recently got myself a sakura D3 clone of very high quality(judging from what i have read about some of the clones of the D3)
Ive previously spent a year with a 50/50 setup based on a TT01 but that has long since been sold although not forgotten.
Im a member on a few car/heli/plane forums and was interested in a new challenge after teaching myself to fly collective pitch helis and fixed wings..so here i am with my new CS platform.
Over the last week or so ive been building the car and in the last couple of days i have given it its first few runs and gotten down to the nuts and bolts of setting it up and getting it working for me and im loving my new model.
CS is a very different class of cars to what im used to and im enjoying the challenge of driving it proficiently but also enjoying the scale looks which can be had with these models.
Im making small steps with regards to set-up and its coming together slowly but surely and im happy that i made the change.
Totally loving DM,lots of experienced members and plenty to keep me reading and looking.
Well done DM ;)
Welcome to dm

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Welcome to DM!!
Welcome to DM

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Welcoke to DM!
Welcome to DM, and nice choice on the body and chassis!
Thanks guys =)
Good to be aboard B)