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Full Version: Opinions on layout
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Opinions please.....
I have a lot of outdoor space to work with and I've drawn up a little something that I "think" would be a great layout. However, I'm a noob at this and I would like some feedback be it good or bad. If something about it can be changed don't hesitate to give suggestions. I may add to it or at least put it in an area on the property where I can expand it later. I also do not want to make the road to unrealistically wide and keep it somewhat scale-ish. I'd like to put some scale lights on the track as well. If anyone has any ideas on that I'd appreciate it. So far I'm thinking of using a Christmas light type design to provide the lighting via underground wiring.

My desire is to create a challenging course. I figured differing turn lengths and dimensions would keep things interesting. Should I go bigger?
I may put the track on an a slope. I'd like for it to be multidimensional if possible. No promises on that one but its possible with the available land and tools.

The shaded barrier area's would be designed to be removable.
Car taking the lower left corner to give somewhat of a scale reference.


[Image: 12372328945_46f3977c47_c.jpg]
IMG_20140207_155729[1] by r_w_azar, on Flickr
It would be pretty cool if at least part of the track was on a slope. A banked turn or two would be sweet as well.
not a bad drawing. the only thing holding this back is a few of the 90* corners. these will totally strip speed and promote stall. also the really long C is a bit long and should be shortened up a bit :)
Very similar to something I was working on.

Rob, I'd argue 90 degrees is OK. RC Drivers tend to forget realism. have the 90 degree corner, just don't make the fence/ barrier 90 degrees to a point. allow some leeway for error. There needs to be some challenges, slow points.

the diamond (square) in the middle.... if you were to make that area like a skid pan. and make the square a rectangle to the top left you could create two tracks from 1.

some of it looks a bit tight. but depending on the size... awesome.
Thanks guys, I do appreciate the feedback. The 90 degree corners would be a little rounded (very slightly) and not a harsh triangular point. I was a little concerned about the large C and was thinking I could make it more sweeping and true to a half circle with a larger radius.

Please.... keep it comin

with little input it seems I'm nearly dead on
IMO it doesn't look too rwd friendly. Your layout looks awesome. Only thing I would change is that tight chicane on the right. Other than that, it's great
That long straight is pretty neat. you can use it as a choke to get cars to stop and reline up and go.

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How big is the apace, and how wide are you lanes? I like 4' wide - splits into two generous lanes.

That bottom right looks slow and technical, you might want to keep that area reconfigurable for different days.
I ´d just wish you lived close to me, looks awesome!
It ´s a nice touch that you will keep the options open to reconfigure the track for different type events.

I ´ve been thinking about doing a touge-ish a to b style down or up hill ( mood depending ) track in the back yard, the wifes thinks its a bad idea tho..
Awesome drawing man, love your design.

I have made a couple carpet tracks in my day and this is what I would call a pretty perfect track, mix of the slow and technical but then those long power straights. But yeah depending on your car and the actual scale size that left c straight will be a challenge then to counter back and take another decent stretch, maybe a few stalls tho. But I love 90* corners, they test ya speed control well. Really excited to see the final product

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