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Full Version: New Windy City Member
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I'm V from Chicago, slide with the guys from Midwest Slidewayz. You can check us out on our facebook page MIDWEST SLIDEWAYZ FACEBOOK

I started out with an e10 in 2008, then kind of fell out of the scene and went back to focusing on my real car build. Just last year I was introduced to a few others like Mark (Mainly MT) from MWSW and got hooked again. Right now I still have 2 e10's sitting here and am working out the kinks in my Sprint 2. Can't wait for next season to come, if your a Midwest local hit us up for more info on the NOS ENERGY 2013 KING OF RC DRIFT. Last season was good

Some quick pics of past stuff (will post better quality in other sections)
[Image: 7036211043_690c99dd91_z.jpg]
[Image: 6890119912_9ce99da888.jpg]
[Image: 8204731671_f04d7a3054.jpg]
[Image: 8205821980_b8fd714a2c.jpg]

Glad To Be Here
whats goin on V!!
whats up V!