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Full Version: Hpi Nissan Silvia S15 Body
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Can anyone tell me what kind of light buckets come with this car http://www.hpiracing.com/en/part/17530 ? And is there any after market ones that will work?
it comes with front and rear light buckets, both of which are lexan and need cut out and painted just like the body. all HPI body kits use lexan light buckets, not chrome plastic like Tamiya/Yokomo.

while I'm not 100% sure on this specific body, if Tamiya or Yokomo make a [very] similar body, their buckets should work with a little trimming/creativity. I know this is the case for some Subaru and Nissan buckets fitting in HPI bodies.
Will the yokomo light bucket work in the hpi body?
Ive read that they do

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