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Full Version: Social media. Anyone on FB, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, etc?
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So anyone here on any of those?

I'm not going to freely give away my FB but for the others, look up chiefy707. Not that I posted anything super cool and viral.

Would just be nice to peep out rc drift stuff you wouldn't see elsewhere

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I'm on Facebook and Twitter, but I don't do any of the others.
my Facebook is for family and close friends only, but my Twitter is open to anyone, as I use it mostly for following celebs/businesses, and communicating (joking) with friends, acquaintances and anyone who has the same sense of humor as I. you can find me on Twitter @6wegolive if you'd like.
I'm on A LOT of social things. If you want to add me, look for me by ^^^^^^ this name.
Instagram : DELxCMB

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I'm on instagram, but I usually just look at other people's pictures. Look me up at: >hellasteeze<
Only thing social on line I do is drift mission, where everyone is on the same mission, ha!!!
im so glad I don't fb or whatever else like so... "drama drama drama"
everyone else around me does so I can easily check out others stuff.
Here is my stuff:

Twitter: @alecbchall

Facebook: Alec Hall (fort Hayes high school) (Columbus, OH)

Instagram: @alec_hall

Kik: Super0dp

YouTube: Super0dp

Photobucket: Super0dp

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Fb Chris Jedd Chicago, IL

Youtube, editor for midwest slidewayz/chicagoland toys n hobbies/polekkrystoff <--- personal account

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cjedd

Haven't tried instagram or twitter really.

haha yea David thats true about the FB drama. Only pro I see is that a lot more people seem to be active on those RC group pages, however, the information you receive is either hit or miss. Some people just like being a total jerk. Good thing about the forums is that you can navigate back to those threads.
IG: apexrcdrift
Fb: Paul Reyna
Fb temghostdrift
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