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Full Version: Mighty Dane entering the premisses ;)
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Hello everyone.

I'm a drifter from Denmark, and we took in some RC drifting to keep ourselfs occupied while waiting between sessions, and now my friend Ronnie is starting to get serious about it, and I wondered why not look a bit more into it.

I got a Nanda Sniper, bought at the greatest toy-shop in Denmark called Morfars.dk, and it's upgraded with all the finest they could provide for it.
I've then come to the discovery that the chassis is shait :P, so now I'm looking into building a complete new car, with all the best working parts.

I hope to have a bunch of greats chats with you guys in here,


Jesper E. Kneis, Pro drifter from Denmark :)
Check out MST. they have a great selection to choose from with lots of hop-ups.
Welcome to DM

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Be Great. Be Different. Welcome to DM.
Welcome to DM! Skål fra Norge! ;-)
Hej, endnu en dansker..!
Giv slip på morfos.dk
De sælger legetøj, ikke rc.. ;)