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Full Version: Hey You Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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New to the forum and RC drifting. ive always loved RC cars but i usually just bought the trucks from Walmart, Target, etc. ive been seeing a bunch of rc drifiting video over the past few years and finally had the money to purchase a RTR HPI E10 Drift Falken Mustang.[Image: justin-pawlak-e10-drift-r-c-mustang-from-hpi-racing.jpg] I wanted to upgrade it but for now ill deal with what i have. ive realized that the battery dies pretty fast and that sucks. i Recently bought a new Nissan S15 body[Image: %24_1.JPG]
i like it but its not the one i really want. i would like to upgrade my rc without spending to much. Any help is better than no help.
Welcome to DM! The locked rear differential, bearing set, and aluminum driveshaft are very common E10 upgrades.
welcome. Try front one way and locked rear differential. upgrade to alu little by little.
Just keep in mind that this hobby is a huge money pit, and that the E10 is a pretty limited chassis as far as performance and aftermarket support go. If you really want a good drift chassis, save up the money you were going to spend on E10 upgrades and use it to buy a Sakura D3 or something.

Not saying the E10 is horrible, it's just that it's only too easy to sink more money than it's worth into it.