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Full Version: New guy from Chicago
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Hello all. Just introducing myself. I'm new to this so any help or guidance would be Great.
Where is a good website to buy my first car?
Would u recommend brushed or brushless?
Any links to any info would be great.
Thanks again.
welcome to DM! :)
Welcome to dm

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welcome to DriftMission. as personal i ll suggest u brushless system because all the guys i know start with brushed after a time they want to change on brushless system. But of course more important is your opinion and thoughts. After that i suggest u first u research and choose what chassis u want to buy after it u can look for a website for buy. Goodluck bro.
Welcome to DM!

There are many different answers to your questions. In order to find the correct answer for you will require a bit of research on your part. One of the things you'll want to nail down is your budget. What style of drift (50/50, CS, RWD) would best suit you? That will help you make a few decisions. There are chassis on a budget that some would consider a decent "first drift car" that can turn into a money pit if you like shiny things. If you are willing to spend a little more there is always something a little better. Do you intend to piece it together or are you looking for a RTR? MST probably has the best RTR chassis available (upgradeable) and it won't break the bank compared to building other chassis.

My advice, look into all the chassis. MST, Yokomo, Tamiya, 3Racing, Street Jam, Eagle Racing, to name a few. There are also conversion kits for some touring cars if you already have one. One thing to keep in mind... Not every chassis is ideal right out of the box. Most chassis will have a list of "recommended" upgrades to make it a more capable drift setup. The ones that are ideal out of the box are not cheap. DM also has a guide to the best chassis in different price ranges. You have a lot of homework to do and some of it can be confusing.

Take your time. I hope you like a good challenge :)

Check out our group in Chicago, facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/MidwestslidewayzRCD/ . Usually its very active and almost all of the people are on there.

Our members are located near NW Chicago, suburbs just north/south/west of the city. Mainly drifting at Al's Hobby shop in Elmhurst, soon gonna be at Chicagoland Toys and Hobbies as well. Hopefully we will have more outdoor events as well pending on the weather.
welcome to DM.