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Full Version: The Crawl Space hobby shop
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Aloha, Ikaika of The Crawl Space in Colorado.
We are new to drifting and working to expand our inventory to include beginner to intermediate drift cars and products.

We've been looking at the HPI RTR drift cars as a possible entry level car for new drivers and the 3Racing Sakura D3 kit as a step up for new to semi-experienced drivers/builders.

One of our distributors carries Team Magic cars, which I still need to do some research on.

I'll be doing more research and always open to any tips or pointers to help us find stock and help new drivers get into drifting =)
Welcome to DM. Check out the mst RTR lineup. Affordable and able to be full vip status later on

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+1 on that^ The MS-01D is a GREAT beginner setup, and blows hpi out of the water.
MST! :-)
Mst for sure and I also own a team magic e4d and they are great kits for the money and have quite a few upgrades on the market
Looks like MST has the vote, thanks for the info guys
Will be selling items from a website or are you local only? I'd love another MST distributer