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Full Version: Hi from Warehouse Sliders AUS
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Hi all!

Im part of the Warehouse Sliders and ARCD clubs in Adelaide Australia. I make the drift videos for the clubs and rc drift a ton myself

Please check out my videos here and leave a like!

Id also like to thank our sponsors
www.oospeeddrift.com and www.rcmart.com

My main ride is a Yokomo DIB with a few mods
[Image: _DSC0447.jpg]

22p & 90s gear setup
2.0 counter steer
DRB Horizontal battery bay hard bolted in the base plate
New!! A-Arm Upgrade 3 Kit running 10* caster

8.5T Sensored Xerun motor and 120a ESC
Spektrum low profile servo and SR410 DSMR receiver

-9 front camber
+2 toe out
soft suspension

0 rear camber
-3 toe in
softish suspension

Heres some more photos of the new upgrade 3 A-Arm setup

[Image: _DSC0457.jpg]

[Image: _DSC0448.jpg]

[Image: _DSC0450.jpg]

Most amount of lock I can get using the new A-Arms

[Image: _DSC0451.jpg]

The -9* of camber not only looks mean but helps the car steer the way I like, less traction up front seems to work better with the weight shifted from the DRB battery mod.

[Image: _DSC0455.jpg]

And without the front bumper, im running the shocks on the inner mount to get the most steering lock possible! :) on a side note they feel a little stiff running on the other position.

[Image: _DSC0456.jpg]

Here is the DRB battery tray mod - underneath I used a dremel to drill out the holes and a sanding bit to sink them in

[Image: _DSC0468.jpg]

[Image: _DSC0467.jpg]

Im currently painting up a new shell - ABC hobbies 180SX that I will post up in the WIP section, im planning on entering it in the next body of the month if its finished by then. Until then, here is my current shell.. Tamiya RX-7

[Image: _DSC0097-1.jpg]

[Image: _DSC0098.jpg]

Thanks for checking out my pics - please check out my drift videos and leave a like.

(03-24-2014, 12:22 AM)Ebbicake Wrote: [ -> ]SUP ANDREW

sup mang.. how do I set a signature here??
Hey Andrew.
hello fellow Warehouse Slider ;)
Welcome to DM

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