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Full Version: Helloooo
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Well guess who's new to the RC Drift scene. This guy. Happy to join you guys and looking to further upgrading my Chassis. Wasn't sure what to get at the RC Shop here in Okinawa, Japan as everything was pretty much in Japanese 0_o. I kept it simple and went with the Expert Built TT-01D and it came with everything to have the car running straight out the box. I've played with a drive shaft Gas powered Rc car before so before leaving i bought the Aluminum Drive Shaft.

[Image: photo1_zps249df983.jpg]

[Image: photo2_zps4fb6831e.jpg]

[Image: photo3_zpsb5d04c2f.jpg]

[Image: photo4_zpsac2f44b2.jpg]

Heres a pic of my car in the states, boy do i miss her :,(. The car scene back at home you will find me lol

[Image: HamstaSwag_zps014addf1.png]

any advice on some upgrades would be appreciated. Going to the RC shop here again this weekend so looking forward to buy some new goodies along with a E30 M3 Body(BMW's are my thing). Great thing is i work in the aviation field so i have alot of carbon fiber and metal in my shop so when i have some free time i might make some custom parts to make this thing into some crazy project. Nice to meet you all :D
Hello. Welcome to the forums
Welcome to DM

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you said is very interesting) I have never been in Japan) there are better cars)