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Full Version: Hey Guys!
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Hey Guys!

I'm Angelo, 29 years old. I'm from southern Germany, near Stuttgart.
I started Drifting in February 2011 without having driven an RC Car since I was a little boy. ;)

But then I got infected by having seen the Video of Hyper Drift Hawaii on Youtube...

So I bought a Tamiya TT-01 "R" Type-E with which was drifted 50/50.
One month later i got bored of it and changed Chassis. Next one was Tamiya TA-05 VDF Gold Edition.

Soon i got bored of 50/50 drifting an I built up an Eagle Racing TA-05 GRT Conversion Kit without having had a donor Chassis. This should become the Counter Steer Chassis. Which it does until today ;)
Since October 2011 I am a Member of the Devils Drift Crew in Germany. We are approximatly 28 Members.
(If you are interested here's our Site: devilsdriftcrew.de)

To be honest with you I became an addict of blinged out Chassis so I bought the next one..

This time I went for a new upcoming Brand. MST MS-01D VIP. I can tell you I LOVE this Chassis!

But being addicted to full Carbon an Alloy Chassis I also fell in Love with the EnRoute JXR V2.

So here are some pics of my rides:

The MST:
[Image: DSCN0856.jpg] [Image: DSCN0857.jpg]

The Eagle:
[Image: DSCN0861.jpg] [Image: DSCN0862.jpg]

The EnRoute
[Image: DSCN0864.jpg][Image: DSCN0863.jpg]

And those are two of my actual Bodies:
[Image: 8226665341_654ceaa46b_k.jpg][Image: EZIMG_0178.jpg]
[Image: EZ_IMG_1823.jpg] [Image: IMG_20121102_131404.jpg]

I'll post Setup's and mod's later ;)

So that's it for now!

Greetz and keep getting Sideways!

DDC Picco
nice garage! welcome to the forum friend  =)