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Full Version: What tape should i use to make a "track"
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Hi, I was just wanting to know if there are is any good tape to make a track on my basement

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you want something temporary or long lasting/permanent?
I use green masking tape.
If you end up using duct tape, don't use the cheap stuff. When you have to remove it the adhesive might stay sticking to the surface while the tape itself comes off in pieces, especially if it's being used outdoors.
Long lasting : Duct tape
Temporarily : Electrical tape or those blue colored masking tape.
Electric tape worked better for me. Duct tape tore itself to shreds within a matter of minutes, but electric tape seemed to hold better
From my experience with my backyard track, duct tape doesnt last if the sun beams on it all day long. Never tried putting it on the backside but id imagine that works better.
I want some long lastin tape I'll probably go with the ducktape

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Or maybe green masking tape which everyone I could slide over more without it breaking

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electrical tape would be best for "wear". it's flexible and somewhat elastic. duct tape will probably leave sticky residue on your floor if left there long enough and if spinning RC tires add pressure and heat to it to really stick it down over time. masking tape will likely lift up easily which could cause issues if it gets wrapped around a shaft or axle.
Ive never had a problem with the duct tape leaving sticky residue on the carpet, but the masking tape comes up a bit if you dont rub it down enough. Doesnt bother me, but it could for someone else
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