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Full Version: Greetings from Afghanistan
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Hello everyone. Just wanted to say hi and to just basically introduce myself. Names Chris. I am currently stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan with NATO. I work for the DOD and RC drifting is hobby of mine here. I have prior RC and real car drifting while i was in Japan. I used to own 2 yokomos when RC drifting was just starting up. Dont have those chassis' no more and now I picked a Cyclone S and ordered a D3. I hope to learn more about drifting on this website because I have been just reading the guides and reading that alone has helped me gain more knowledge. I dont mean to sound like a noob but how can get more power sent to the rear wheel of the cyclone s? Any advice would help. I will post of vids of me practicing in front of the barracks here. Thanks and i am glad i joined.

Thanks Robb I look forward into learning from here...