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Full Version: BOSTON!
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Hey guys my name is Fredo. I have been in the game for awhile now, I started my drift career about 6 years ago, and have just gotten back into it. I started off with a Tamiya TL-01(yea old school),then bought an HPI Sprint 2(poop) and then my new baby the SAKURA D3. I am part of TEAM GHOST DRIFT, just some Boston kids who get together and drift around town. I hope to gain knowledge from the forum and hopefully spread a little of myself as well. Feel free to hit me up about anything especially if you live in boston and want to link up to drift.
Hey, welcome.
welcome, what part of Boston you at, we do road trips in the tri-state are you not that far off, we got alot of drifters around the tristate, you welcome to join us anytime.