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Full Version: 180sx w/Tetsujin Retracts
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Put these new headlights in yesterday, as well as euro taillights. Wasn't too bad hooking them up but finding a clear mounting point for the micro servo was a little hassle.

[Image: 13931132375_2ab94ec99e_c.jpg]180 w/retracts by cjedd, on Flickr

Short video of the retracts in action

Very nice work great color combo on body and wheels!
awesome. great job

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Looks sick
Nice i like the color.
thanks guys, Im thinking of stripping/repainting a different color. First time using spazstixx with this body, didnt get a nice even coat with the candy gold
unless shell is uber rare can't be found,
usually not worthwhile stripping to repaint.

Spazstix usually either flakes off or stays stuck pretty good.

Only exception is Parma Fascolor, if I've painted a shocker
and haven't sealed the Fascolor - good soak in warm water does the trick.
Loving the grungy used look and concept...friggin great looking car!
Love that colour...
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