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Full Version: enRoute JXR V2 Silver-Black Edition
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enRoute JXR V2 Silver-Black Edition Full Posting

enRoute JXR V2 Silver-Black (1)The enRoute Co. has released their latest edition of their popular JXR Version 2 RC drift chassis, the JXR V2 Silver-Black Edition. The new Silver-Black edition refers to the Silver aluminium alloy and Black carbon graphite main chassis. The new silver-black edition is the inverse of the original JXR V2; black alloy with silver carbon graphite chassis. The new Silver-Black edition does not come as a full kit, it requires several parts in order to be a complete chassis. The details and specifications of this new chassis is listed in the full post.

Silver anodized chassis: Chassis: Aluminum parts for 1/10 drift here carbon black chassis, (right) (Black) Aluminum Motor Mount V2 will be equipped with a V2 type type, around the steering wheel.

[Image: enRoute-JXR-V2-Silver-Black-2.jpg]
dose anyone have any experience with this chassis? i love the all black one, reminds me of knight rider hahaha
it looks very similar to the TC-FD. I would wrongly assume that it might drift similar lol
(02-18-2013, 08:01 PM)Dorvack Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry for the necro-post, but I've been looking at the JXR V2 for a while and was wondering if these chassis needed any options out of the box to make them perform.

They're also popular competition chassis in Japan so, having watched a few comps my interest has been piqued.


If you order a v2 it will come 90% assembled. You may want to rebuild the dampers, so you need shock oil. Also the black Enroute springs are way to hard.
Also Enroute has some chassis build with a very bad quality of screws. I believe the problem is solved lately, but beware.

The kit comes with 1,6 countersteer standard, so if you don't want to drive countersteer, you will need other pulley's and belts.
I can recommend the standard countersteer settings, it drives very nice.

Let me know if you need any more info.
great info
You can check a small build review here:

I will start a new topic in this sub soon, did a little rebuild last weeks.
if you use this kit,
you can use oil 300 for front & back. i used it & i comfort