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Full Version: Hai
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ellow peepz,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Bop, I'm (almost) 20years young and I live in The Netherlands.

I've been drifting for over 5 years now, half of it with my trusty HB Cyclone which has gone through various forms over the years. Some of you might already know me as part of Team Wreck it Sideways =)

I'll make a garage thread if there is such a thing on this forum to show off my rides, but until then: if you have any questions, feel free to ask them ;)

Just saw that some people post their shells and chassis here, so here it goes:

Chassis: HB Cyclone TC-H(custom conversion based on the TC)

[Image: DSCF8626.jpg]

Make: HPI
Model: Cyclone TC-H

Date: 7-12-2012
Track surface: asphalt/tarmac
Tire: HPI T-Drift, slicks (HPI4406)
Motor & ESC: Speedpassion 10.5T V3.0 & HW Xtremestock 60A
Servo: Futaba S3152


Camber: -6 dgr.
Toe: out 4 dgr.
Kick up: + 4mm
Caster hubs: 6 dgr.
Ride height: 5mm
Droop: 4mm
Springs: Speedworks softest
Bumper weight: none
Sway-Bar: no sway-bar
Shock Oil: MuchMore #250


Camber: -3 dgr.
Toe: in 3 dgr.
Kick-up: 2mm antidive
Ride height: 5mm
Droop: 4mm
Springs: Speedworks medium
Sway-Bar: no sway-bar
Shock Oil: MuchMore #300

Drive Train

Gearing: front 39T x 18T / rear 32T x 18T (30%)
Front: Oneway
Center: /
Rear: Spool
Spur: 100T 64DP
Pinion: 38T 64DP

Wheel Offset

Front: 7mm +1
Rear: 7mm


(2012 competition shell) Mazda FC3S sponsored by Touge Automotive, Hiro Seiko, HPI racing and media partner Dorigazo.nl. Nominated for Concours d'Elegance at D1:10 rd. 2. Winner of BOTM on DRCCentral.com.
[Image: IMG_1982.jpg]

(2011 competition shell) Nissan S13 Onevia. Nominated for Concours d'Elegance 2 times.
[Image: 1024-11.jpg]

(2012 D1RC Worlds shell) Mazda RX7.8 sponsored by Atomic Energydrink, Touge Automotive and media partner Dorigazo.nl
[Image: IMG_9729-border.jpg]

Nissan S14 kouki "Pink Powers" as approved by the man himself, even inspiring him to use pink on his WDC S14!
[Image: real-shizzle.jpg]
Thanks guys!